Black Sun may become a cause for anxiety
# 1
In recent months, Black Sun has geared more towards hunting. As a result low CP players are struggling to get points. The penalisation of dying inside the red zone makes it very hard for lower CP players to enjoy and cope in BS. I have watched the latest Heidel ball Q and A session where someone suggested that BS was no more fun due to players taking advantage of the red zone. But we should not forget why we play games. Is it not to enjoy? BDM is a game where we slowly progress our character in terms of strength. But not being able to farm points and getting hunted down without any any proper coping methods has led to the content becoming a playground for high CP players to hunt lower CP players. The lower CP players aren't enjoying Black Sun. Please remove the penalty for dying in red zone and make the content enjoyable for all and not just the few players at the top. It gives a lot of stress to play Black Sun content to those players who seriously want to work hard to progress their CP. I hope the developers will make such changes in the near future such that BS content will not be as stressful to play as it is now.
2022-09-19 03:32