Stun lock when character stands up
# 1
*Hi PA, it was great that you adjusted the HP in normal arena, it is now more fun to play. I hope you also add an equalized ammount of HP for Ranked Arena as well, to make matches more intense.
*About the crowd control system. I'd like to suggest the same CC system as the PC version. This way, the stun lock combo can be avoided, it is also another way to cover up the other classes' lack of grab skills, and we can make a more beautiful and unique combos with this. Skills which has "stun on first hit and bound on last hit" should not be a problem since we have what we call standing cc and downed cc. 
CC point system explanation for other adventurers who did not know;
standing CCs, can only be applied when target is standing, these are: daze(1point); knockback(0.7points); stun(0.7points)
downed CCs, can be applied either the target is standing or downed, these are: bound(1point); knock-up(1point); knockdown(1point)
If the total CC point applied reaches 2 points the target will be immune to any CC effects for 5 seconds. 
When the same CC is applied twice in a row before the animation of that first CC ends, the 2nd CC point is nulled.
CC point value is only applied when the CC animation is also applied.  
Example: target recieves stun(0.7points), target receives another stun(this CC and its point value is nulled since the stun animation of the first hit has yet to end). Then grabbed bound(1point), then knockback(this CC and its point value is nulled since the target is not standing due to the grab) total CC point is still at 1.7 which means another CC can still be applied since it did not reach 2 points, then you add knock-up(1point) now a total of 2.7 points where target is now immune to any CC for 5 seconds. 
2022-03-20 05:30
# 2
Gladiator already has to play with that system. It's stuns and knock downs dont work on oppents. The only thing Gladiator has is Take down and that is not working right.
2022-03-27 10:56