Lower a new story requirements
# 1
As a new player i have only 10-15 levels of knowledge in world bosses for like 2 months, is it fair to wait another 3-6 months to get the latest content of the game? There is no way i can do it faster except buying boss passes for insane cost in the shop. Please lower the requirements for the new story, so anyone can enjoy the latest updates
2021-11-23 05:46
# 2

As a new player you already have tons of content to play - every once in a while new content comes out for people that have played for a year or more and this is one of those cases. Not everything needs to be available for everyone, there needs to be content that you have to put in some work and time for.

2021-11-23 07:51
# 3
How do you think how many players have 30 lvl of bosses? I think it's a mistake, because you can finish 15 portal in 1-2 months, but you need 1 year to get 30 lvl of bosses. If it's content for 10% of the players, is it worth releasing it now? I'm very disapointed, it's like Siani quest items i was collecting for 2 months
2021-11-23 08:38