Pearl abyss you should be ashamed of yourself
# 1
Well happy holiday pa it's sad to see you need more profits and so decide to give us this joke of a Black Friday deals.... Well first of all lets point out big elephant in room. 2 weeks ago lucky shop cost us 1080 bp. You want wtf for it now 2500 and 19.99$. you are sick in the head ain't ya. You know last year the 1wp black Friday was absolutely epic. That actually got us to buy some wp even some that had never before bought pearls. Now I don't know who you hired but they definitely rode the short yellow bus and belongs in real special class. Y'all need rethink yourself before you lose the rest of us that continue to hold on to a dying game that you seem damn determined to kill and milk till we are all sick of your bull$&@#. Have a great day and unf#$@ yourselves please!

2021-11-19 12:32
# 2
Shut up, this community should be friendly; this is not a suggestion, this is an INSULT!
2021-11-19 13:51
# 3
You tell him to shut up, then try to advocate a friendly community... lol the irony.

OP does have a point. This years is much more profit focused. But we shouldn't be suprised. PA has always done whatever they want with monetization. The deals here are solid, we can't blame them for taking a much different approach to Black Friday this year.
2021-11-19 18:06