Basic attack suggestion, Titan grab nerf suggestion
# 1

Basic attacks are pretty much useless

-It consumes skill books yet we don't even use it. It can even interupt our skill combos when we misclick it, specially with phones that have smaller screen sizes. Let the basic attack be a new skill slot, let us decide either we want to equip the basic attack or not. 

-All classes are going to recieve passive skills soon, it should also have skill levels, which maxes up to lvl 3.

-Skill books consumed in basic attack should be moved to the passive skills on future updates.


Titan grab is too OP

- it has 1 cooldown for 2 uses, after using the first grab the skill cooldown has already started and can use other skills in-between these grabs. With his current passive he's a bit over powering others.

- I suggest making his grab "Pile-driver" into 2 different charges with only a single use at each charge, both having 8 sec cooldown. In this case he can only use one grab skill at a time.  



- with his current buff in KR he still lacks super armor in the arena, leaves him to exhaust his evasion faster. 

- I suggest you add a second attack to skill: "Fend Off" when long pressing the skill button. 



-  lacks movement in PVE grounds specially in GreatDeset.

- On skill:"Circle of Thorns" I suggest that you increase the little movement it has and make its movement direction controllable, disable the movement when using auto combat. 

- skill: "Execution" should have a "skill flow" that has an explosive attack, which allows him to slide further but the extra attack shouldn't have super armor in arena. 

2021-09-19 04:00