# 1
Fking PA! What a u fking doing bustards? Wash all shiТ out of ur fking brains! Use a brand soap and shampoo if u have problems with it.

1. Phantasma was a piece of sad shit for 7 months approximately. Then u reworked it to appropriate level, but in 2 month only u cut all the benefits and move it back to the hell. Only thing u saved is fking +30% defence on 1 skill for 3 fking seconds!

2. Berserker was strong class even before the 1st rework, but u made it godlike. When everybody told u to nerf it, u did it)) for fking 4!!!! % last time... The damage should be cut twice! Not fking 1 or 4 or 7%.

3. U reworked titan, it became strong, but u decided to rework it another one time. So now it is fking grab and heal, heal and grab... I was fighting with equal opponent on phantas, and we got draw, but now he changed class to titan and i can't even hit 30% of his hp...

Return phanta invisibility back! Nerf titan! Nerf fking zerk twice!

P.S. WTF did u think about doing phantas passive? Some classes have %to pvp damage, some classes have perfect debuffs, and phanta have a 150% damage dildo to touch mobs... Seriously? Make 10% resistance to grab and stan, for example, or 10% increase in move speed or smth useful whatever u want, bitchezzz... Get this useless dildo back to ur ass.
2021-09-15 10:36