Suggestions for Classes Reworks
# 1
First I would like to ask if these forums are actually noticed or read?

I would like to recommend that if you are going to rework a class, if not 2 and above classes are gonna be reworked please do it reworking the damage output only and not damage and defense. Because if you're gonna do it in a class putting a reasonable passive affecting Attack and and Defense/or lessen the dmg taken, it will affect the outdated classes. So please make sure for upcomming rework, if you are going to touch the Defensive please do it in more than one character. Let's all learn from the Berserker rework.

putting so much dmg can affect all other classes but as long as you dodge it, the dmg rework is useless, while on the other hand, if you're gonns put a minus to the damage received and its the only class who has it, it will immidiately becomes META.

For a MOBA, META classes should be fine because you can just choose one class per team. But in an RPG, dude, it sucks if most of the Guild are running one class.

just a suggestion though. Im not even sure if these suggestions are being read by devs XD
2021-09-13 06:35