Huntress' Auto targetting
# 1
I just went back to huntress and with all the range and melee classes that ive been, i just noticed that Huntress next target mechanisism is so slow.

I'm always doing Ramoness, so the feel of every class that ive been through is pretty much on point.

To explain this further, when i kill someone without the auto lock activated the next skill that i throw after the killing skill will still go with the location of the player i just killed. I also noticed that when i am in a fight with Player 1, and player 2 reached me, the next skill i throw will still go to player 1 instead of immidiately switching to the nearest enemy in my face. AGAIN: NO AUTO LOCK IS ACTIVATED

I hope with the upcomming balance patch you'll take a look at this. This might be a small thing for others, but for me, as a range class with the current meta of melees having sooooo many gap closers, other range class immidiately switch to the nearest target, while ranger seems cant move on to the previous player she's battling with. AGAIN: NO AUTOLOCK IS ACTIVATED.
2021-08-28 20:52
# 2
I also face this issue with my nova too and thats why i am still not good in mass pvp
2021-08-28 23:54