Class Balance Suggestions
# 1

Please consider my class balance suggestion seriously or bring it up to the developers.


As of right now, Berserker is overpowered. He was never a bad class or underpowered class to begin with. That being said, some minor adjustments should be made to [Off-Kilter] skill, such as slightly increasing it's cool down. That would help mitigate the over-buffed crises.


As of right now, Corsair is the queen of 1v1 Arena. Her current kit allows her to stagger her Super Armour and I-Frame skills in a perfect loop. To combat this, I suggest slightly increasing the cool down of her mobility skills such as [Pirate Tricks] and especially [Riding Waves].


[Crimson Lily]
As of right now, Crimson Lily is under performing compared to other melee classes such as Blade Master or Berserker. Her kit does not fit well with her overall theme of being a Blade Dancer. Here are some of my suggestions in order to vastly improve the class.

[Crimson Glide]
- Increase the skill's duration and distance

[Blood Harvest]
1. Reduce the number of Orbs of Hate needed to proc her Passive from 5 → 3.
2. Increase the duration of [Blood Harvest] from 5 → 8 seconds.
3. Add 10% Damage Reduction to [Blood Harvest] when proc.
4. Additional cool down for Evasion by 2 seconds.

Finally, her core skills lack damage multiplier so I suggest increasing the multipliers for [Vacuum Slice] and [Willow Slash] from x2 → x3.


As of right now, Raven is under performing for a magic fighter/assassin class. Here are my suggestions to vastly improve her kit.

NEW Passive:

[Abyssal Flame]

Summons pyre from the abyss to empower yourself and burn your surroundings with dark magic.

[Abyssal Flame] is activated when all [Shards of Darkness] is consumed
- While moving or attacking, [Abyssal Flame] burns all nearby targets with 200% damage every 6 seconds.
- Burned targets will be inflicted with [Flow: Condemnation] for 6 seconds.
- Increased recovery rate for [Shards of Darkness]
- Becomes immune to all Slow effects

[Flow: Condemnation]
- Condemned targets will receive additional 50% damage for the next 6 seconds.
- Condemned targets cannot be healed for the next 6 seconds.

- Speed up animation

- Increase Healing
- Increase Range

[Phantom Crash]
- Increase Range
- Super Armour and Invincibility in Arena when consuming [Shards of Darkness]

- Increase the number of Charges

[Wrath of Chaos]
- Increase Range
- Increase the number of Charges
- Skill Cool down Reduced by 1 second

[Shadow Eruption]
- Increase the number of Charges


Thank you, please consider this suggestion seriously and let the game developers know. Playing since softlaunch and counting! Cheers.

2021-08-17 18:58
# 2
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# 3
i agree
2021-08-20 04:42
# 4
Gladiator recommendations????
2021-08-24 13:15
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