Stop increasing the cp of the mobs of Chaos Rift.
# 1
PA not everyone can increase cp daily and not everyone is lucky to get jewel to increase their cp by 1000s.If you change the cp of rift daily according to mercernery level which is jumping at rate of 200 cps daily in calpheon server then lower cp and unlucky guys like me can not farm in future there anymore.You have opened it just to give hope to guys like us but thrown it into trashbin and just made it harder for us to get choas gear which was through getting cores.Hope you fix it soon,so that everyone gets a chance to farm there when they would have reached to that fixed cp.
2021-08-12 08:34
# 2
deixe your CP without chãos gears i have 21k CP... dom t vocês only in gear that is a mistake not only gear give CP. and chãos main weapon give you more 780 CP not 1k . and rift will be allways the CP base from warrior what is mor that big. qnd you still can go with a Friends there and farm thogether if is hard to farm alone you still go get rewards . is timed rewards dont mather how many mobs you kill ...
2021-08-12 09:21
# 3
If the mob becomes harder to kill drop rates will lower and in group farming not always you get the last hit to kill so by default only the higher cp guys in farm will gain more loot.And the spoil also depends on rng not that it will always give you better rewards.I think that you dont face that difficulty in your server where mercenary level is very low but in our server which is too competitve ,mercernery level starts from 21.4k and i am myself 22k.It will take time for me to increase cp unless i get a chaos gear and by that time mercenary lvl will already overtake me.I am not only thinking about me only but there are many low cp players who are still struggling get their chaos.So shouldnt they get a chance to farm in the rift too?
2021-08-12 23:24