Make the time PAUSE
# 1
Make the time in chaos titium gorge pause when we go out if there is still time left. I just noticed that the consumable time there will still continue when were out there. I still got 32min left when i go out and after almost an hour when i came back my time is already past gone. I did not read all about the new patch, but i think its not fear if it goes like that especially for f2p. And we know their are also some of players here that has less time on the game. And yeah, this is my suggestion. Hope next update it will be apply or in the next after. So that f2p players will enjoy more the chaos titium gorge map. Its not that really bothering coz we know that scrolls will reset every week, so same goes with the time you can make it refresh every week. Let the players manage more there time in titium gorge every week. Not all players can manage everyday to have more time, also to get big or huge silver, especially to those who play maybe 3 to 4 hours a day.
2021-08-12 07:02