Desyncs, Bugs
# 1

Using evasion as the character is about to be hit by Berserker's Body Kilter or Rend cancels evasion but consumes the charge, this happens mostly with Sura and BladeMaster's evasion.  


There are countless times that I cant apply a stun to a Berserker that's using Body Kilter and to Kunoichi that's using Cripple in Arena.  


Characters that are just inflicted with daze are able to dodge out of it or sometimes walks out of it abnormally.


Characters abnormally stands up right after being inflicted with grab.


Makes me ask if Crowd Controlled state timer is random.


2021-07-26 07:52
# 2
Gladiator is frustrating to play when there is a desync problem because all our initiating movies are base on the initial stun from shield charge and charging thrust. This problem has always been the bane of Gladiator in arena. Our attacks are to slow on there own that is why they need the initial stun. Redo the whole class. Shield button is fun in arena but does not transition well to node and siege when you're on the assult. It is too much of a 1v1 class. Endless Combos are cool but you can't do them in mass combat when everyone else is hammering away at you.
2021-07-26 18:16