English language in black desert mobile kr version
# 1
I would like to suggest to have a english language in bdm kr version i know theres a global version but we like to play two platform global ang kr coz kr have a unique and advance than global also there a event or things that only for kr version etc. Also we want to fully enjoy/ed the game (black desert mobile korea version).im not only the one who suffer like take screenshot and translate it to other app to understand what we doing or what we're reading right now, making sure to not making mistake or delete a important items etc. Im not the only one play kr version i you all know that...so please add english language in kr version coz we like to enjoy the kr version with english language at the same time on global too thank you.
2021-07-23 05:23
# 2
If that was the case a lot of people would switch to Korean server because it's more free to play friendly. You might even have whole guilds jump servers.
2021-07-23 17:32
# 3
If that happens noone will play global vers lol
2021-07-26 09:45