Reward active players with equal chance of good loot drops
# 1
This is a very complex suggestion but I think it will improve the game for your dedicated players and increase the number of active players as well. If there is anything that is not clear/does not make sense, please ask about it.

I thought about how to write this for a whole day and talked with other people to craft a solution that doesn't punish anybody harshly because some people cannot be as active as the most active people so they shouldn't be punished for that.

Here is an extreme example of what I have observed since Chaos update has come out, and the reason BDM needs to be fixed:

100 total people play BDM.

10 people play regularly (let's call these dedicated players). 90 people played a long time ago and login to play for a couple days when there is an update (let's call these disloyal players).

The drop rate for good items (example: Chaos items) is very low, but the likelihood that a player in the disloyal group will collect an item is much higher than the dedicated group. It is frustrating to watch as top players who have worked extremely hard be passed up by players who don't even play the game and who will not be using the rare finds. 9/10 of the people showing off their Chaos Gear have not said a word in server chat in the past 23 days (or longer), many are not in a guild or in a completely dead guild that nobody even heard of before. It is so frustrating.

For me, I am a noob and don't have high enough combat power to go farm Chaos items so this is not about me, it is about seeing some of these dedicated people activating bells and working with their friends to get their Chaos gear but getting nothing - meanwhile all these disloyal players are spamming chat with their shiny loot.

The idea that I have come up to help reward dedicated players can be modified to make more sense as I am not really certain on the best way to go forward but here it is:

Each day, for all players who checked into a guild, they will be granted a buff for a __bonus__ drop rate, based on the previous day's number of people who checked into a guild. The lower this number is, the greater the buff is. The buff is based on the weekday, so the maximum buffs that can be obtained is 7, because once the eighth day comes, it will replace the buff from the last week (for example the Sunday buff will be replaced on the next Monday with a new Sunday buff).

Here is an example:

Sunday: 40 people check into guild.

Monday: 10 people check into guild. These ten people get a "40" Sunday buff (7 day cooldown)

Tuesday: 11 people check into guild: These eleven people get a "10" Monday buff

Wednesday: 1 person checks into guild: This person gets a "11" Tuesday buff

.... (skip Thursday, Friday, and Saturday)

Sunday: 100 people check into guild and get their Saturday buff.

Monday: Everyone's Sunday buff expires before the day starts.

So now that the example is given, maybe it will seem like it should be changed from checking into guild, to completing three guild quests or all daily tasks or something to better qualify a dedicated player. It doesn't really matter what the qualification is, but there should be some qualification.

For players that do not meet the qualification, when they login, they will be given a low buff for each day they missed in the last week, each equal to the highest number from the week (remember that large number is bad for this buff). For players with the buff, I don't know what the math will be, but the lower number of their daily buff total that they have, the greater drop rate _bonus_ they will have. For example,

(I marked the lower buffs with (L) on it, they represent the highest number of the week since the player did not qualify for that day)

Dedicated player: Sunday = 40, Monday = 40, Tuesday = 10, Wednesday = 1, Thursday = 1 (no other daily buffs). Total count is 40 + 40 + 10 + 1 + 1 + 40(L) + 40(L) = 172

Disloyal player: Sunday = 40. The rest of the days are low buffs, since 40 was the highest in the week, their score is 40 + 40(L) + 40(L) + 40(L) + 40(L) + 40(L) + 40(L) = 280

I don't know the math but you can see that the dedicated players total of 172 is lower than the disloyal player total of 280, so the dedicated player will have a better BONUS drop rate.

Charts can be added in the game in the menu, one chart to show the current week score (each day will have a number) and another chart to show the average for the last six weeks so that players will try to be active on inactive days (to get a better buff).

Casual players or disloyal players do not have to participate and are not directly punished for not taking part in these activities.

Thank you for taking your time to read and consider this suggestion, I know it is complicated so please ask for anything that does not make sense.
2021-07-08 18:22
# 2
I wanted to add something to this, for all the "disloyal" players that came for Chaos gear (a lot!), they would have a very low bonus compared to all the dedicated players. The buff would decrease as the week went on, because each day there are much more people logging in right. So to give a more complete example (another extreme example):

Tuesday-Monday: Total qualified players each day = 10

~Chaos update maintenance~

Tuesday: Total qualified players = 100 (the dedicated and disloyal players score is 70)

Wednesday: Total qualified players = 100 (dedicated score is 160, disloyal score is 700)

Thursday: Total qualified players = 100 (dedicated score is 250, disloyal score is 700)

Friday: Total qualified players = 100 (dedicated score is 340, disloyal score is 700)

Saturday: Total qualified players= 100 (dedicated score is 430, disloyal score is 700)

Remember, the lower the score is for a player's buff, the better their bonus drop rate is.

Eventually all players score would be 700 until the disloyal people left the game again. As you can see it isn't a perfect solution, but it gives dedicated players an extra bonus so that their hard work can pay off.
2021-07-08 18:52
# 3
not possible...

It's all RNG... Just farm and eventually you will get it... You're just scared that the CP of your main will we reached by low CP players...

You assume they are disloyal because they are not 24/7 playing? Even if I don't log-in for a month but I top-up 5k USD every month, I will still be considered disloyal? It's pathetic...

So what if new players get them first, on non-active players??? That doesn't mean you won't be able to get it... It's just 3 day after the patch and you're asking to change it already??? Are you Kidding me?
2021-07-08 22:07
# 4
@Ayalna: If you actually read my post (you did not read it), you will see my main is not high enough combat power to even enter the area.

Your post was adorable though, nice try ;)
2021-07-09 06:35
# 5

If you're really telling the truth and not just a bitter player. I hope you know that the minimum CP requirement for hunting Chaos items is only 12k CP. It's imposible that you can't reach 12k in lessthan a week. Also if you're a newbie what gives you the right to give this suggestions to PA? You haven't played long enoungh.

Have you ever thought that if they implemented your idea, everyone will just farm? No top-up anymore because you can just farm everything. Because of the buff it will totally kill the business of PA.

2nd, you wanted to give privillages to "Loyal" players because they stay longer on-line? Then what happens to the content of the game when everything can EASILY be aquired? In lessthan a week into the patch and you are giving this suggestions???
2021-07-09 07:33
# 6
How many MMO have you played??? How many have you seen shutdown because of systems like this?

I've been an MMORPG player since 2002, just imagine how many I have tried...

Nice try, study business management and SLDC first then "Maybe" you can give this suggestions...
2021-07-09 07:37
# 7
If you are going to respond to something, you should read it first instead of inventing something from your imagination. You are literally talking to yourself in here, about your own imagined idea. I'll let you keep talking to yourself, sorry for interrupting ;3
2021-07-09 14:18
# 8
You can't just accept the fact that you got busted...

Your Post was not for the ALL players of the game, this post was intended for PC players like you. You forgot that this game is a mobile game, which is not intended to be played in a long period of time. But your suggestion was to REWARD PLAYERS who farms longer by giving them buffs? Just just stupid and unfair.

The main reason why the RNG system in used for this game is because it is fair, it doesn't descriminate if you are and old player, new player, online 24/7 player, 1hr player, F2P player or a P2W player.

It was soooooo obviouse that this post was for your own benefit. Also stop the bitterness.

You also post on your other thread you said that people are sending you PMs? Wow! That's Great! You are now the Guru of BDM! and Yet you can't farm Chaos Items? Nice try.....
2021-07-09 15:54