Purified Water suggestions (competitive, team and guild focused)
# 1
I myself do not have issues with the amount of purified water we receive daily. However I do see lots of people complaining about desert, way too many doing valor alone and I don't think it is fun to go to the desert. Because of this, I would like some enhancement to the purified water mechanics.

The first suggested enhancement is that in Valor, water cost is reduced by 10% for each player that joins a party. In this way, players will not start until they have five people because it will only use half the water for everyone. By absorbing half in valor, this will increase the water they can use elsewhere. If someone plays alone they have no buff. The bots that come into valor do not count toward the buff.

The second suggested enhancement is to have guild-focused desert adventures. (Read the second message for details). The guild resting buff does not apply to valor. This mechanic makes it so guilds can work together and have a desert adventure together and conserve water.

The third suggested enhancement is a PvP focused purified water competition. It will be a new arena. It can be 1v1, 3v3, 2v2, any will be ok. How it works is it costs 10 minutes of purified water to enter (if you queue and leave queue before it starts into the arena, it costs no water). The time is not important, it could be two minutes or thirty or an hour; for this suggestion we will use 10 minutes. What happens is in the arena, everyone expends water as time passes. Whichever team wins (kills the other player(s)) immediately gets their remaining water and the enemies remaining water. If the ten minutes passes by and both teams are not killed off nobody wins any purified water, both teams have spent all their water for nothing. I know it's complicated so here is an example (imagine it is 1v1):

majah89 has 60 minutes of water and queues for Desert Arena. Player2 has 60 minutes of water and queues for Desert arena.

majah89 and Player2 enter the arena. Now they both have only 50 minutes of purified water, and each have 10 purified water in the arena.

In one minute, majah89 kills Player2. In that minute, both players expended 1 minute of water leaving them with 9 minutes of water in the arena. majah89 won so he takes his own 9 minutes and Player2's 9 minutes.

Both players return to their previous location. Player 2 still has 50 minutes of purified water. Majah89 now has 50 + 9 + 9 = 68 minutes of water.

There will be a new rank list for who has the most water.

People have whispered me with concerns that people will have multiple accounts and use Desert Arena to give themself extra water. This will not work because the Desert Arena has a mechanism similar to Chess ELO, so players that intentionally lose will fall to a lower score and cannot reach the target player unless either (A) the target player intentionally loses water to fall near the water giver which means they overall gain no water or (B) the water giver works hard to take water from others to get up to the target which is the same effort as the target working hard to take water. Either way, it is a short term strategy that might not even work because the queue might not pair them together when they are close in score. It is possible that someone works very hard on ten accounts and when they are matched against their main they give themself water intentionally. This amount of effort would be crazy because if their two accounts matched with two other players (not each other) how can they play both games? If someone can do this, then their efforts should be rewarded with the water.

I worked very hard and asked a lot of top players for suggestions to design these ideas so I hope you find them worthy of your time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my ideas :)
2021-07-06 11:55
# 2
People are whispering me about details on the guild desert buff.

It gives a two hour buff to everyone in the guild. The buff is a setting on the guild and automatically activates on the scheduled time for two hours. This buff only applies to the desert and does not work in valor. Hopefully the two hour window will give everyone in the guild time to login and play their desert adventures together. The reason the buff lasts so long is to make sure everyone can participate, and it allows players to take breaks and rest as they work together to conserve their water. This buff does not apply to valor because that would take people away from the desert and they can't benefit from placing the tent and resting in valor so it makes no sense to apply this buff in valor.

During the two hours, all players in the guild have enhanced tents that allow guildmates to share tents for resting. The buff also grants shorter tent cooldowns (as short as the maximum resting time), longer maximum resting times and applies a buff to resters when two or more guildmates rest together. When guildmates rest together in the same tent, each player after the first grants 5% purified water conservation buff for 60 minutes. The maximum buff is when five rest together, they will be granted 20% reduced purified water cost for 60 minutes.

These ideas are intended to help people work together in the desert instead of going alone. It also allows players to still explore on their own but they will be able to socialize and meet up to buff each other with the reward of conserving water.

Players who are not in a guild, are the only player in their guild or in a guild that is inactive will be missing out on these benefits so these mechanics also promote activity, socialization (to some extent) and team work.

One side effect of this buff is that it promotes having more knowledge of the layout of the desert so guild members can find each other to rest and get the purified water buff. In addition, this guild buff strongly promotes having a better mount in the desert because being able to move quickly to meet up for the buff means even more conserved water.

The most this buff can help a guild is if five or more guildmates meet in oasis at the beginning, meet and rest together after one hour and meet and rest one last time, just before the guild buff expires. This will grant five (or more) players about three hours with 20% reduced purified water use which would be about 36 of 180 minutes saved which is enough for one game of valor (without any purified water buffs in valor).

If the guild changes the Desert Buff settings on the guild, it only changes for the next day, it cannot be changed on the same day. Guild Masters and Officers should be careful to adjust the time one day ahead to make sure it doesn't overlap with other events that are coming the next day.

There can be additional enhancements to the guild desert buff to promote working together and making a more powerful guild such as:

+1% Field Combat EXP (per guild level)
+0.5% Field Item Drop Rate (per guild level)

These are applied to all guild members for the duration of the scheduled Guild Desert Buff. Does not apply to valor, only Desert.
2021-07-06 13:31
# 3
that actually sounds logical and justified which probably means it won't happen
2021-07-06 22:26
# 4
The game is so focused on being selfish, there are not many group activities or beneficial socializing activities :(
2021-07-07 07:43
# 5
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