Pet Table [approved by a real cat]
# 1
I know it sounds kind of silly but can we please have a new pet that is a table?

One idea for this is to use crafted Bedside or Round table and use awakening to have a chance to awaken the table as a new pet. This strategy can expand to awaken other kinds of items to have other kinds of usually inanimate pets.

Another idea is to have a treasure to construct a pet table. It can be a very simple treasure that new players can construct to understand the mechanics of how treasure works.

The table will always have the skill to hold more items (+LT).

I think it is a really fun idea and can lead to some really interesting pet combinations. Everyone in Mediah loves tables, we talk about them and use drawings of tables to express our reactions and expressions between each other in server chat all the time.

Thank you for considering this idea :)

Please see the pictures I took of the pet table my dad helped me print:
2021-07-06 11:36