For the love of the Desert... PA Graphic Designers - MUST SEE!
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I understand that the recent reduction in water came about from some in the community complaining that using 40 min of water was a chore. Fine, waste it then. Additionally, this makes no sense since Valor came out a week or two before, so if that was really a problem for you, then park your butt in Valor and shaddap. I am sure you all like the Shrines, and with reduced Edna coins, that is effectively dead.


So here's the issue. When we had 40 min, one could save up over a few days and go exploring. They could fight bigger monsters and take time to pound away at ones with higher cp, because there was enough water. Now, after you sprint through the temples for a few days, you are left with 20 min of coin farming to satisfy all your Shrine needs. It was actually not enough with 40 min. Constantly running out of Ednas and struggling to farm to do something about it. Valor did not really solve it for me as coins drop at about half the rate I can manually farm them. So effectively, the water reduction has killed the desert - which I find ironic since it is the key endpoint in the game - Black DESERT.


But GRAPHIC DESIGNERS listen up!!! The best part of the Desert is the S P A C E ! ! !   It is the only place in the game where you can see far, admire the absolutely fantastic graphics and scenery and really take in the sights! In fact, I often take to a high mound and do a slow 360 to admire their work, including the sky - wow fantastic work there! I also like to automap to places far away and do 360s while travelling on my camel. Truly exceptional work, all of you. Thank you!


So I decided to share my insights in my ODE TO THE DESERT:


The sands of great mystery lie anxious in wait

as I amass lots of water to pass through their gate.

The duality of oasis and arid regions abound

As I shift through the sands on my trusted, humped mount.


Alas, there in the distance a raised desert peak!

I approach it in earnest to find what I seek!

My feet shift before me as the sands slow my push

And I just spilt some water that dries up in a rush.


My heart beats quite heavy as I reach the top

catch my breath at the awe as my eardrums pop.

The exhileration I feel as I've reached to the sky

and see far in the distance that gold glowing cry.


A temple now beckons in some forsaken land

but my feet they just stand there to take in the sand.

It stretches for miles from my toes to the skyline

with bright blue clear skies that blind me of my deadline.


"My canteen's been stolen", I shout to the world

But alas it just echos with no returned word.

They've replaced it with a cup, merely half full with joy

And the desert's now turned into a neglected toy.


So harken the angels, the gods and the bosses

this devilish plan has us all in steep losses

from Elion to Hadum and up to the stars

not just the nerf, but the splendor now barred.


Chasser - Desert Wanderer



So please join me in your admiration of the Desert, so we can campaign to bring back this wonderful land, so it is useful and worth visiting again!

2021-05-19 10:34
# 2

I totally agree with the poster above. 

From Announcements and BDM patch notes:

"We have reduced possible adventuring time in the Great Desert so that Adventurers will suffer less fatigue from playing in the desert, and enjoy other adventures against different monsters."


"With new content added after the Great Desert update, putting in the time to explore and adventure in the desert seems to have become more difficult, to a point where taking advantage of the daily free Purified Water (40 minutes) would feel burdensome to some Adventurers."


I find it very hard to believe there are some players that find it fatiguing and burdensome to do the desert? If that true they do not have to do it.


Right now I see I will be saving up my water, using enough to kill 1000 desert mobs each week and do the temple quests monthly.

the rest of the time I will run valor:GD when I have 30 minutes extra. (Valor gives a much better chance of getting the elephant anyway.)

As stamina was raised to 10 for altars and excavations, unless you really need to do the desert collection (which the fatigued players will not even try to do) both are a waste of stamina really.


I am really sorry to see the developers more concerned with the few fatigued players that find their time in the desert burdensome. As it was originally added to the game, it was great. I appreciate all the programmer time put into getting Layteen and the Black Rock Shrines time and reward adjusted. Sorry not many will be able to enjoy either anymore. Layteen up 3 minutes (waste of water going there and he Is dead) and having no edena coins to stay at the Shrine for over 10 minutes.


Thank you for your time reading and remember having something is better then having nothing.

2021-05-19 12:43
# 3
Yes daddy
2021-05-19 15:28
# 4
I would love at least an hour per holy water or better would be a refill system maybe depending on how much enemies you can kill
2021-05-19 15:34
# 5
Nice poem, Chasser!

Dear PA: Craft-able purified water with daily total amount limit. A task-based countdown system similar to Nightmare Mode’s with a daily total time limit.

Desert resources for me usually reach an inflection point so to speak: not enough water to get more coins or not enough coins to do a worthwhile shrine. Or both! … fun times.

2021-05-19 21:50
# 6
suffer less fatigue from playin in the desert..!?!,,so rerunning velia in hadum isnt fatigue-ing?? , devs just give us the endgame content ie the desert please, we neeed the water back asap! and while youre at it, make the laytenn rewards go to a random player not just the moneywhales, they can just buy their way to the top!
2021-06-01 19:12