Balance fkin pvp (arena/ramones/bos)
# 1
Ffs, how dfq am i supposed to enjoy pvp in this game when everything is no skill just cp pumpers????????????????
2021-04-30 14:36
# 2
If you don't like it, Don't participate!
2021-04-30 19:23
# 3
What a privileged comment you have there.

2021-04-30 21:11
# 4
Another f2p that wants to kill a whale, lmao.

2021-05-02 19:07
# 5
Actually its not about "killing a whale" the pvp in tbis game is so onesided its not even funny. If you are sub 15k cp you basically die 99.99% of the time (that 0.01% it you happen to find someone around your cp and get lucky enough to land the last hit.) Pa already has a cp ranking system how F'in hard is it to use that system for balancing pvp?
2021-05-03 21:04
# 6
Lolol that's why stark want money back ,they spend so much money on this game than now they are 5k or mere over most of the players and nobody want do castle against them lololol ,who is the fault here ,ppl who spend a lot or the PA bcos don't give enough resources to the players who spend minimum money and a lot of time ?? Thinking abaut it 🤔
2021-05-06 09:45
# 7
Im Bigfish, and i am currently ranked 7 in asia(today)
Im also the lowest cp that entered the ranked arena leaderboard
I am 17.5k cp, and i am against 24k and above for every single match

If i can do it, u can too.

Its all in the mechanics, ur fundamentals...

Dont give up, winning against someone stronger than u for sure has its own reward.

I make pvp content on youtube, feel free to drop by if ur interested.
There are so many content surrounding pvp mechanics and fundamentals
Such as halfcasting, 11th skill usage, delayed evasion, tricks to break FG and many more.

Bigfish Mmorpg Adventures (YT channel)

Ask any questions, if i can give u a concrete answer... I will answer u, if i couldnt.. ill find a way that i can.

Mission= Building a community of duelists, change the mindset of CP=Win

Change the mindset of players regarding OP classes

I hope u guys can learn a thing or two there and rank up

Until then.

Your Beloved, Uncle Bigfish
2021-05-12 14:37
# 8
In what class? Ill suggest off item ranked pvp
2021-05-14 03:46
# 9
Mr bigfish, it depends on the class lol.
2021-05-14 04:26