Gladiator and Warlord (COOL CLASS AND YET FORGOTTEN) Please Gave it some love...
# 1

Dear Dev Pearlabbys Black desert mobile division,

Dear dev I am a huge fan of this game, i am a veterans Warrior Class Player Currently I am playing Gladiator. It’s been a year and half since global launch I played this game.  With the class balance that dev has planned before, I would like to request little bit upgrade for a several skill of Gladiator. Now days Gladiator player it’s close to extinction, because the skill can’t compete with most class. No fun in Ramoness, No Fun in Guild Wars/Node/Castle, even in pve contents its bad. Its only can be used in arena.  

I am not requesting godlike update so it can be over power like such. It just tweak for better survival ability I mean he is bringing  a shield to the fight, yet he most weak shield user compare to Paladin (13 Apr 2021 Patch), Lancer (Insane Buff late patch), Nova (Its overpower since launch).


Shield Block

Since all of Shield user have a passive Block, and only Gladiator that allow Toggling it On/off at will, it’s very good perks to Gladiator  but since the maximum hit receive before shield break is the same for all shield users it’s become useless for Gladiator since no skill to follow up like Nova, Lancer and Paladin. For the record many class now have skill (Multiple Hits) that can break Gladiator Shield without breaking a sweat.

Suggestion: Increase Maximum Block Receive before it breaks just for Gladiator. If all Shield class receives this buff Shield users become Gods…  


Heavy Strike (PVE)


Spinning Slash (PVP)

Very Slow Animation for these skills even after the Combo (Increase ASPD after casting certain skill), Most enemy already dash/evade before receive this skill.


Blade Strike (PVE)


Ground Smash (PVE n PVP)

2 Charge its awesome skill great damage, great CD but since the AOE is very Small and there is a delay (low ASPD) between skill, several Class like Zeker, Phantasma, Lupa, Arcmage, Invoker, Fletcher n Archer they got away before the skill landed Twice. For zeker and lancer it can retaliate right after 1st skill finish, it’s become hard to deploy shield after skill it’s been cast


Deep Thrust (PVE)

Slow Animation and can’t be combo (Slow ASPD)



Shield Charge (PVP)

low damage and short range compare to Paladin, Nova, Lancers Shield used ability


Take Down (PVP)

At least dev have to add invincible status when Gladiator on Grab Stance or motion, why I am suggesting this, many range class now has “CANT BE GRAB WHEN ON THIS SKILL”. Again compare to grab that titan Receive in the lately buff Titan can move around when they grabbing opponent and they got two grab skills. Striker grab is fast and Mobile Grab. Paladins (again and Shield user) fast Grab and Slam. Gladiator Grab is 2 phase and takes times yet he is a front liner Class that Receive damage, in Guild war, Node and Castle war when he Charge at front grabbing somebody he will died first before he can finish all the grab phase that is annoying.  


Charging Thrust (PVE)

Very less range compare to Zerker charge (11th skill) and other Charge skill that Shield User had.


Scar of Dusk (PvE and PVP)


Piercing Spear (PVE and PVP)

very Low Casting speed (Paladins Spear is instant Cast), Low Impact Area, Range is too Short.


For now that’s my opinion for all of Gladiator underrated skill problem right know, I hope dev can really accommodate what I am suggestion at. I love playing Gladiator, I really do, Please don’t make me Quit this game because dev only upgrade a new (overpowered) class, or the class that whale like to play every patch that launch every maintenance. Give my Gladiator some Love PLEASE… Thanks.


NB: Warlord Class, it’s very Cool Class with Big Blade sadly have very bad skill Set (I would Love to play this if u dev Rework it) ^_^



2021-04-13 20:17
# 2
Just change to another class. Gladiator is so obsolete. Sure he looks cool in pve on auto but that's it. They need to ditch the shield button. Your biggest weapon is take down but that's a death sentence in any gvg. Your follow up on spinning slash takes takes too long that you die as soon as you land in gvg. Slow attack that do nothing thers just too long of a list against playing it. I still hope they do a good job when they get around to it or revamp the whole class would be nice.
2021-04-16 08:43