Black Rock Shrine
# 1
P.A. sighz where to begin..

I am suggesting that Black rock shrine become a timed event, just like genoveva, black sun, battle of the sun etc.. All these are timed based events and so we know when to go these places and we actually make preparations also.. I personally don't go into desert because of this uncertainty of the shrine, knowing that the shrine is RNG is a big turnoff.. We need the coins in desert to use at the shrine but 1mil coins and no shrine to use it at makes no sense..

1) Each person can only spend 2,3,4 or 5 minutes in the shrine (y'all decide)

2) First person to bid would win discovers prize

3) Shrine is placed at a specific location

4) Opens 2x a day, 2x a week at specific times, thats 4 shrines every week.

If these suggestions are implemented.. I am positive that Great Desert will become a more readily place to go spend some time....

I am positive that MOST adventures agree with the above suggestions..
Thank you for your time P.A.
2021-03-17 17:04