Water. My kingdom for a glass of water
# 1
Dear sirs, ma’am’s;
Water. A very needed thing in a desert wasteland. Only one cup of water to explore a vast desert? With no navigation? Is this something that is supposed to take the next 6 months to complete? And not only that, but much of the desert is not explorable as mobs are too strong. I really love the aesthetic value yet the travel is burdensome. There isn’t even a simple compass. It seems therefore it’s your intention to get the player lost in the desert so he can die of heat exhaustion, thereby crippling him the following day. This cuts his playable time in the desert to some percentage less than 40 total minutes. God help the adventurer that has interruption to there game time. And only a 40 min cup of water a day. Starving a player from there ability to enjoy your game. The Rng is already terrible, if not counterintuitive. Losing a level, going backwards? Huh. I realize it’s the “Vegas” sickness your promoting in that, totems, gear progress, etc... but now giving only a sip of water to explore this whole map? Who would explore a desert on a glass of water. I think it’s very unrealistic, discouraging and quite a frustration. You won’t even let me save them up so I can go out there for a few hours. I think and you may correct me if I’m wrong; you wanted us to see a good game but only want us looking thru the window, rather coming in and taking as much as we want. Is it portion control? Maybe we are to gluttonous over our gaming. I really hope you would see my criticism as an extension of the conversations I’m having with many players. Its not meant to be s as rant, but rather a noteworthy request to have you do better than a Game we can see but not touch. Thank you for the numerous fine rewards sent out, as they help overcome a game very difficult to progress in. Unless of course you can pay hundreds of dollars a month to grow. I don’t mind paying to play, you deserve that. Now?, just let me play and I’ll have fun. Thank you god your time and consideration.
B. Henry
2020-12-23 23:47