Bad update
# 1
I need to way thanks Pearl abysm for this crap update . Alot of player leve bescouse your trash update and once again you release one update with bugs . What game devolpers are doing ???? And fds more players whant to leave game becouse this is a real crap update .poor updates before now a crap one .... this game go losse alot of players . Others go stop spend Money in this game becouse pa only do sh.i.t in updates . Congartilation one more time . Pa need better devolpers . And need to stay in silence about game becouse they say one thing and do other . Pearl abysm need to get a new team and have sure you dont release crap update . And updates with bugs . And stop say in streams we go get a good update when next we go get a crap one .....
2020-12-08 05:29