# 1
How many months already past but still arena match is so f****ng sh**!

1. Often times match making took so long to tind match. I mean how many players in your game and yet so hard to match making?
2. "Applied cp-correction" like what the hell!? Cp correction but yet you will face some crazy strong dude. Wtf? Ok. After countdown, no hands. Auto-lose.
3. Players that are using macro speed hacks. So disappointing. They already using emulator and thats already an advantage yet you allow them to took more advantage. Bdm c'mon!

1. Use your badge bracketing in cp to arena (1v1). So that player will face equal opponents and let the skill of the player determines who will win. So what if there are low cp players who will reach challenger tier in solo arena? Let them experience what is the feelings to get a good reward. Especially for f2p. And for the record its not just 1v1 arena is the good staff in here, so it really doesn't that a big deal. Also everyday or every week player cp is increasing, due to grinding, rewards and new contents in the game. I mean they are playing, they wont settle for the less and just stock on what they are now. Think of that.

2. Clean this sh** fellas that are using macro in arena.

3. Let me add this. Balance the classes. Really frustrating sometimes that there is a upperhand in skills in the classes. Make some nerf to class that are on top or buff the ones that are in below (gladiator, titan, and etc.). Hope devs will have attention to this. If not, Then you guys are retard.
2020-11-23 05:59
# 2
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# 3
In addition to this.

Some of you or the devs will think that.. arena post ranking will be useless. Well post rankings are top100 right? Then make the post rankings to those high cp players with high score points, general to legend badge bracket. We know there are high cp or top cp players that are good in pvp skills. They are the ones that is fit to be recognize. Whats the match of a lower cp (below general and so on) to the higher ones. Am i right or am i right? XD so d3vs wont get hard in making on post rankings even with many players that reach the challenger tier. Lets be honest. For me 1v1 pvp is one of the fun in here but.. we know that there are alot of players just want the reward only. So be it. Rewards in 1v1 pvp is not that high. So why make it so hard. Let the f2p players or the middle spender be more happy on the game.
2020-11-23 07:13
# 4
Well said now if they will listen. Or whenever they are ready to release the changes they made. Hope it happens soon. Gladiator and titan getting way out classed to where 1v1 is no longer fun. Literally our attacks can't do anything to the new and buffed classes. Balancing please and classes to be gvg playable. Gladiators problem wasn't that our ground bash was giving us low health. It was that battle cry is useless and charging thrust and shield charge don't work. I shield charge and it stuns them for a quarter of a second wtf. Revamp Gladiator give us actual attacks like a charge that does actual damage. Im switching I can't take anymore of this bs.
2020-11-23 23:16