# 1
We all know the ongoing issues about the yellow skills books drop rate, AM, Hashashins, and Berserkers. I've been farming west Val, for nearly 4 days now and I've yet to drop a yellow skill book... I try to relieve some frustration by doing Arena and I get face rolled by Hashashins, AM's, and berserkers who aren't even good!?
I understand you guys are trying to lower the drop rate but cmon? At this point I'm almost certain it's a bug. You guys should prob double check your notes cause aint no way in hell are these yellow skills books at an epic drop rate.
Also these classes that require 0 to no skills or gears just complete facerolling people is utter bull sh*t!
Please do something about this ridiculousness. Majority of classes are useless without their priority skills reaching at least lvl 2 or 3 (yellow skill book issues) while Hashashins, AM, and Berserkers can face role ANY CONTENT with nothing but lvl 1 skills?! (Class balance issues).
You guys have done so much right. Don't kill the game now. Listen to the player base and fix the issue at hand. It's disheartening and makes people quit or want to quit. It's not a money move. It's a kill your own game move. Read your threads and fix the problems that the player based community/customers are concerned about.
Thank you and have a good day!
2020-11-02 17:49
# 2
Dude you forgot speed hack use by high cp players 11k and yet nothing done to them because they pay.

See this pic and see how ramo become difficult to win because many players switched to AM and Berserker.

About that assassin it's easy to kill if u if don't play with that warrior I forget the class name.

I'm sure PA gonna lose it game by the beginning of the next year because of their way to manage the game. Coronavirus is about to be on normal lvl soon and I'll leave this game for my mental health
2020-11-03 00:54
# 3
Yep that's how I feel bro as a Gladiator. Losing to people that aren't even good just the class is broken. Or because they're no good resorting to mods and hacks. And the last one when in normal arena they are using mods and hacks but they didn't expect you to have skill and beat them. Then they go full mod / hack mode on the rematch and there after. Lol. Its a crazy light show when inokers do it. Berserkers just rage and go full attack mode. Strikers just forward guard spam because its very effective to stun us. Our shield charge and charging thrust dont work. Our piercing spear is slower than every one else's ranged attacks. You have to learn how to curve charging thrust around the oppent's attack so you can get to them. With some classes you have to charge with a dodge and take down because stuns don't work. You got to be creative with gladiator. We ain't got nothing for Small group combat and large scale combat. In world pvp if ther are mobs and have priority set to adventure our attacks still go after mobs.
2020-11-03 07:00
# 4
Now I understand why I lose to some players and blame my internet 😑😑😑

Once I match up against AM and I got beaten badly. That guy can teleport from otherside of arena to my back and hit me and do it again and again and I even thought it was my internet dammmmmn his name is Yaevinn in hexe or hexa server in Asia.

Well, when u don't own the game u need to get permission to change something and that might take along time. Or they want money over players and when they choose the former their game will be dead in no time
2020-11-05 00:58