Is there a New Server coming soon! We need New Server!
# 1

I don't know why peoples are saying, "game not good or going to die or dying", but they are very "Wrong".


I have played hundreds of games of this type (some were in browser, mobile, pc client), saw many game dying saying "sorry", and servers getting close... But this one, by far the most "best & way better game" (completely next level) then those. And since the beginning i pretty much enjoyed it as a beginner. Actually was pretty good, with no stress at all.


I dont know the Devs, but i will tell them couple of very important things. Hope they see it and understand, rather than ignoring like most other game Devs. 


Game is Fantastic in almost every way. However, i really didn't like the "Exp Caping part" when clearing monsters (which we call grinding), and it's frustrating. Like i was killing monsters at level 17 without doing missions, and the Exp flow stopped! Very aweful, i should be able to grind as much as i want. Its one of the reason why people love this kinda game. Not everyone actually play for Rank and... like solo players & many more; we want to enjoy too!


When i started playing, game showed me all server are "busy", and some server were even restricted to join! Thats a very big "Let Down", when new players see this. And they'll think really bad about it (like i did). And Devs misses it, caz they don't see the game "in our eyes". We don't want a new Server every month, please do not misunderstand us. But when all servers are busy, either you should creat a new server to help beginning players or merge all servers, so new players don't get it wrong. But i recommend, a New Server should come soon, so lots of players can join Black Desert Mobile and get a balanced environment.


Another thing what most of Devs miss is giving freedom to share stuffs with friends (in anywhere like open map). This might seems like a "stupid" feature, but not really. Just giving an example,- we are in a big gamers community (most players are) & whenever we tell players "come it seems a good game", they tell us instantly "can we share stuffs & play together?" Its a big feature. We are not talking about sharing premium related stuffs as they sould be Bound (that'd be too stupid), but stuffs like we should be able to give a t2/ t3 tamed horse to a newly started player, which will help him a lot, and give a great (these small things motivate them staying & playing besides us & most Devs donot understand it) interest staying and playing. Thses are things we call 'playing together", not just join a Boss fight or event together then say "bye, see you later". These game can't go long. Also there are solo players too, but you would want everyone to play the game & experince a great MMORPG.


And finally a player base (non-NPC) open market, which can be accessed by even very beginners from any Region/ City. This will make it easier for beginners. Like they'll grind, get silvers, then just buy a good skin horse from the market instead of hours of trying catching a good horse! Its just an example. We truely need it. Devs can restrict selling premium stuffs (and they should). Meanwhile, give us more beast to tame in wild & ride, with different abilities and various speed (some should be slow but carry more). i'd say let us tame most existed beast like Boar, that'd be too awesome! 


The effort the Dev Team did, is very amazing to see. And we hope "Black Desert Mobile" will become one of the top games, unlike other MMORPGS. Thank you.





2020-09-21 10:05