Increase lifesteal on titan
# 1
Hello devs. Why not or can u make the raging thunder lifesteal increase a little on titan. Among the classes i think titan has the lowest. Mine is already lvl3 but still 35/hit lifesteal only while other class in just lvl1 got 70 or higher. Yeah the raging thunder has max 8 hits but it can be evade, grab or knockdown due to its skill duration. Why not make it 50 or 60? Since were global version we can make a little defference 8f its not bad idea, right? So titan class can be more competitive in arena and in mobs on normal field that require a higher cp. Hope u understand this. Thanks
2020-09-03 04:22
# 2

there are no developers, the only thing that is on the site is current news, no one will do anything, they are already rowing money with a shovel

2020-09-16 20:50