PvP content update need!!
# 1

1. Word Bosses die way too fast, fight need take average 5min at least five minutes.

2. New nightmare instance for CP7000+ players whit multible respawn, this is mainly for PvP purpose.

3. Outlaw Mode should give 15-25% more exp, because it's bring more open word PvP.

4. Big scale ramones or similar 20 vs 20 ++ the award must be motivating.


The game is designed to make the character as strong as possible (CP). I hardly feel that I get or feel that my character is "strong" even though my character's CP is over 8000. We need a quick PvP content update. Game offers only only 3-10min long sieges (maybe need redesing sieges??) and endless PVE grinding ... so booring ..

2020-07-23 04:16
# 2

I fully support, pvp content needs to be developed

2020-07-23 08:54
# 3

GM Joel and Jerremy should see this. the PVP content of BDM right now sucks, except the GUILD WAR (No BSM, Hunt) just straight out war.

2020-07-23 18:45