Skills - Path to Power
# 1

I was very happy to see that we finally got the Guild Icon on top of our UI. But it has come with even greater dissappointment when I noticed that it pushed the Skills icon on to the general menu. This sacrifice is unaceptable considering that we need to check the Guild panel once a day to do our daily guild quest BUT we need to consume our skilbooks every 1-2 hours. 

We have the Path to Power icon in the top of our UI since the beggining of the game and we finished all of them tasks in the first month. It is literary staying there usued for the eternity of the game. So here is my request - PLEASE (and I can't stress it enought how much I beg for it) bring the Skills Icon back on top instead of the Path to Power icon.


(like or white a short reply agree/disagree to this topic to get the GM's attention)

2020-06-17 09:02