# 1
Please do adjustment/buff The Gladiator. Every other class now have blazing-burst-speed + with CC/FG/Invi/SA + hi damage + knocked/stune/daze/etc status for attacking skills. Please do adjustment/buff for Gladiator. Now shield easy broken, button always disable while shield got hit, weak + slow + short range Shield Charge, slow and easy to dodge Forward Thrust, slow and buggy Grab, no SA/Invi/FG for his pure attacking skills; Too much weak spots, too long interval between skills (can't do spontaneously skills chain/combo), too long while knocked down, too long for dodge and other his skill cooldown. There's situations that Gladiator almost can't do nothing for attaking and or deffence. Please adjustment basic balance for Gladiator; Do some buff or timing adjustment or whatever, please. We play him with traumatic lose streaks experience 'coz that situation above when we have no options to fight, only become a "sandbag" for burst hits and become easy prey. Please check this, do some adjusment. Thank you.
2020-06-15 19:24