RNG what?
# 1

This game has been phenomenal since it was launched. Gamers have waited a long time to have this on their devices. But lately, I have noticed that a lot of newbies have been getting those "RED" items easily and for the pioneers? Stuck with JIN grunil. This is very disappointing for us because we have to climb up the ladder to get strong unlike them, it's as easy as counting to 1 to 3. I understand that this will make the newbies feel better and stay on the game but if this will continue to go on, you'll also lose some of the old players who have invested a lot on this game. We invited a lot of people to play this and it envy us to see their progress which is faster than us. I never missed and event, never logged out for a day but never had a single change to get that red equipment while the others are almoset complete. I don't think the game is getting fair anymore. This is a feedback to atleast prevent some players for getting disappointed and stop playing the game.

2020-06-07 18:58
# 2
Don't get jelouse of new ies who has red items be ause they probably paid for it... If you're a F2P player then you can't complain. If you're a P2W player then itmwas your choice to spend. You're just out of luck, so better create a new account...
2020-07-05 05:12