Information from other players
# 1

So guys, first I'm going to introduce myself, my name is Gutemberg and I'm Brazilian.

I can't speak or write in English, let alone Korean, I will use the translator to try to convey my suggestion.

I ask you to be patient with me, thanks

I realized that in Black Desert Mobile you don't have the option to see opponents' equipment and ranking people
It's good to have this option, so it's better for newbies to compare themselves and try to do the same or better

I simulated how this option could be
Image 1
I haven't changed anything, simple option
Image 1
Image 2
I haven't changed anything, simple option
Image 3 and 4
I added the option "Whisper" "Add friends" and "Information" by clicking on the player's name
Image 5
I added the option to see the opponent's equipment and a button to compare strength
So guys, my goal is not to try to change something in the game, but to add something that improves the gameplay
many start playing in a class and get lost in the game, being able to see opponents' equipment and information, it's easier be based.

I make this suggestion with great affection, I really like the game. If this suggestion does not work, I will still thank you.
2020-06-06 17:05
# 2

бог фотошопа

2020-06-07 05:17
# 3

that would be great, but I doubt that who really needs to see, see this post.

2020-06-07 09:06
# 4

Hide equipment from other players, just make room for mistrust, many players receive equipment for free without anyone knowing.

2020-07-24 08:11