Arena/Ramo QoL Suggestions
# 1

1) Fix friendly arena invites not working when you try to join after missing the invite (greyed out), why is this still a thing.


2) Add another friendly arena mode which sends players to the classic arena. The current friendly arena mode is only suited for open field pvp training, what about training with friends for ranked arena? Normal arena isn't practical since ap/dp stats are now balanced there (which is a very neat thing), plus the system won't let guildmates meet each other. So it would be great if players were able to challenge other players, not just friends by the way, if possible strangers as well as players from other servers for a spar in the classic arena.


3) Fix arena walls or make is so all classes can push their opponent out of bounds, not just titans, with an easier way to climb back up of course.


4) Fix self heal from razor wind working even without hitting targets, or once again make it so all classes can self heal heal without hitting targets. But obviously that is not something anyone wants to see happen when you look at how huntresses currently abuse razor wind whenever they're low hp so how about fixing that broken class mechanic asap which makes the class further unbalanced compared to others.


5) CP info being removed from normal arena makes sense since it's irrelevant there now. In fact I tested playing normal arena without any gear and I could fight just fine and even defeat my opponents. However, why isn't CP shown in ranked arena and ramoness when it clearly is an important factor. I'm not even asking for devs to balance those other pvp game modes the same way as normal arena here, that would be ideal of course to encourage skill based pvp, but if that'll never happen then devs should at least display players' CP in both ranked/ramo so we can adjust our playstyle according to the CP of our opponents.


6) Move level 59 players and below into a separate bracket for both normal arena and ramoness. Unascended players do not stand a fair chance against ascended players no matter what because of the massive hp and dps gap so why are devs still letting newer players suffer? It can't be that they want the power of our opponents to be completely random across all pvp modes coz of their unconditional love for rng content right... Plz no, I just hope they're being lazy and already have this on their to do list.


7) Increase the level cap of normal arena and raise the odds of facing players of closer arena level. If my guess is correct devs intended to make ranked arena a playground for higher cp players while normal arena is the alternative arena haven for casual/lower CP or small spenders. Currently only a tiny portion of the playerbase with high CP can achieve the challenger rank easily every month. Players with lower firepower can reach challenger too if they try hard enough but they're in for a world of pain whenever they make a single mistake the higher they climb... One of my guildmates quit the game because he couldn't bear the pain any longer. He enjoyed pvp content most like me, and I think that's the case for most players with crappy or average rng who stick around mostly because of their fighting spirit. 1v1 is personally the main content which keeps me passionate about the game or I would have quit this rng festival with ridiculously low drop rates long ago. Seriously, aren't games supposed to relieve stress instead of generating even more through torture that is barely rewarding? Before this turns into a novel, we should have expected devs to make ranked equally painful as rng in the game. It's hell now but hopefully it'll get better later, and currently it would be great if they finally increased the level cap of normal arena and if possible also buffed the level up rewards a little because it's the chillest pvp content that all players can enjoy on equal grounds.


8) Last but not least, please bring back the skill that all classes are missing asap. I understand that balancing classes is easier said than done but this final suggestion at least should be something fairly easy to do. Would be great if awakening released earlier too because many players are starting to lose patience but I guess that's asking too much. For now just hold back other content besides missing skills which are important to have as soon as possible given that finally having a full kit of skills will maximize the potential of all classes. 👌



2020-05-09 03:25
# 2

Nice, but I don't think this is a suggestion, it's a bug that needs to be fixed, even all of the problems here have been posted with the same problem but were not fixed from the beginning of this game's release until now..

2020-06-06 07:58