Wasting Players Time/Money
# 1
When I first decided to play this game, I did a little research, and I found out that most people who had any experience with this game, they all warned about how grindy this game could be, and how hours and hours could be wasted on the click of a button. Despite the warnings, I took a chance on this game, and Ive had a good time playing up until recently. I have never had an issue with the gear rates for Red and orange gear. Ive had no problem with the overall rng of this game whatsoever. But now that Awakened Gear has been introduced, I have wasted more time and money on this than anything prior. I have found myself having some of the worst rng with Awakening gear and it is killing my desire to play the game. The fact that I am spending hours and hours farming materials to get a pristine stone, as well as Valks 50%, then losing progress and cp with the click of a button is very heartbreaking. Spending 8 hours a day farming materials, and then losing progress is the worst game mechanic in the game. It does not make sense and I know of a few people who are leaving, and who have already left the game because of this. The pristine stones and valks 50% are far too costly to have people lose progress on fails, especially for free-to-play players.

So what is my suggestion? Find a way to stop wasting your players time and money because you are going to start losing alot of players. My patience is running low and im tired of losing 250Mil everytime I attempt TET. 90Mil for Valks 50%, 5mil per attempt on Awakened Gear, and 150-200Mil estimate value for each pristine stone.....and I am 1/9 on successful TET attempts. That is alot of wasted materials, time, and money. This game has become a money hole, and there are still things coming in the future that people will be forced to farm for even more bad rng.
2020-05-04 11:26
# 2

stop playing game is better for not wasting time and money

2020-05-04 23:26
# 3
the new +40 sharpening system is just another way to squeeze money out of players, time or all together, 
it doesn’t bring any gaming experience, well, if it’s just failure, but sharpening is reduced, it’s not fair and it’s not necessary to say that the thing could break, it’s in their hands that everything can break because
the hands are crooked, so let them do so that the point does not decrease, or even special items do not guarantee a decrease
2020-05-06 05:01