Improve the economy and rewards based on game progression
# 1



I would like to bring into focus the fact that this game has progressed quite a bit and many of the starter items do not relate to active daily users such as:


Accessories - many people i know have not sold an epic grade quality accessory in over a month and even unique accessories hardly ever sell. 

I propose to change the weekly collection to a tier base weekly collection where you have to add high level equipment, accessories and trade goods to get access to high rewards. This way the accessory market will finally start moving again.

Events - currently events are not targeted towards daily users and reach the highest peak somewhere in the middle of the even duration.

I propose to change the event format to target daily user instead of the average users. even if events reach their peak somewhere around the middle of its duration that should not be where events start to downgrade in quality. Daily use of the app should be the main focus here.

Rewards - Many of the rewards give out to players do not reflect the current game progression. For example giving someone 300 wood camp resources would be a substancial reward to some low level or new players but to the people who advanced much into the game such a reward is trivial and meaningless.

I propose rewards to be given out on a tier base which is dependant of the familly and/or character CP or level. Where low level players and high level players receive different rewards which are useful to them at their current progression into the game.

I propose the same for event rewards, where daily activity is rewarded properly to active daily users. For example login events give out their maximum prize around the middle of the event and start to give out cheap and useless rewards after to players who complete the maximum number of logins during that event, which seems like punishing players for being active.

Another bad example is the current Black Spirit's Adventure where milestone goals are not given out after 50 laps, and where active daily players reach into the hundreds of laps completed and the event begins feel stagnated.


Im short, please do not forget the active daily users of Black Desert Mobile and focuse more on creating incentives to use the app daily. Even outrageous goals are a target to conquer so dont be shy in creating some insane milestones for players to strive towards.

2020-05-03 06:27