Game content is going really slow
# 1

Hi, the game content is starting to be boring and monotonous, when is the awakening comming ? when is hadum comming ? when are commin new world bosses ? for real, 5 months since the global launch and we still on this content ?


2020-04-16 21:10
# 2
I 100% agree.
Im getting bored too. So much so that i have resorted to playing the korean version even though i cant read. St least i still have the feeling of progression there unlike here.
I want to play actively and actually do something but all thats left for so many of us is just afk grind and accumulate silver that we cant even spend
2020-04-17 07:36
# 3

It is perfectly sensable to be attracked to the Korean version, that has had I belive well over a year more time in development that our Global version.  Complex/intraquitre systems cannot be given to the player all at once.  Some gamers are cool with that, some quit after the first time pulling up the crafting guide.  They are rolling out each update, enchanced systems so we build knowledge over each one without feeling overwhelmed.  We are getting characters and progression at a more rapid pace than Korea got.  In many ways, thankfully to their prior relased date and their feedback and testing, we get a better overall experience through the world and it's content, less bugs and fine tuning.

2020-10-10 21:30