Combat Strategy Entirely.
# 1
Good Day People : After my experience with most of the character classes , I read many demand evaluations of each Class combat techniques. I'd agree as long as the emphasis stays on skills within mechanics of Combat platform. Each Class is supposed to be an enriched combat experience with regard to independent construction per character AND FAMILY bonuses. When a person declares a class weak or incapable; I'm not seeing enough supporting information to warrant changes other than a frustrated player grieving combat lost. Let's consider a few variables... Grappling versus Ranged attacks... As a player that fully comprehends an assault to a person versus an assault via a sniper rifle... Even a projectile has velocity caps... Terminal Velocity cannot be argued even in frames per microseconds... What I'm speaking to is being more informative to the issue one wishes addressed beside Nerf or Buff since the number of variables isn't entirely considered prior to communicating one's displeasure... Fact : Dark Energy combat character classes do need speed examination. A Reaper has a casting delay - or is it more a summoning power? A spoken spell to invoke dark energy versus a weapon imbument gifted bu magical presence... Speed of Casting would indicate that the assassin class in discussion would adjust attack methods to calculate the time adjustment for speed in death dealing blows... I guess the perspective of CLASS oversight committee needs invoking to better examine the root motives of Magic versus Ninja Assassination tactics... Chinese Throwing Stars kill just as effectively as Blood Magic from a VooDoo Witch doctor lurking in their black smokey cauldron of sinisterism...
2023-07-18 21:52