Reaper Attack Speed to slow
# 1

Hi PA, just wanted to say that we BDM (Reaper) players certainly feel this is unfair to Reaper because it's not like other classes. for him from the buff it might be quite good, but for his attack speed it is very slow. the transfer of skill 1 to another skill is too slow for PVP of course the skill to escape is very unprofitable for those of us who play Reaper for the main char. THANK YOU.

2022-10-22 10:03
# 2
This is definitely true I've been a reaper main since i started and she's been left behind by other class..her skill casting in between skills are slow and her immunity isn't really enough... Against lancer, Titan, yacha , GM , Solaris... Almost all of the broken classes ryt now.. and she's very easi6 grabbed open... I'm always a regular in the arena and against class that can grab open it's really hard..i really hate how PA is so biased on balancing
2022-10-22 23:29
# 3
Most ppl actually doesn't care cause they can just CC to another class which has the advantage over everything. When a class is buffed to an extent where it becomes broken. People will just start flooding them in the arena..
2022-10-22 23:32
# 4
Hi devs,
My main player is also REAPER , but its skill in unfair against other char, she grabed easily and none of its super armor (ARENA MODE) skills not resisted against geabed skill, also stealth skill has short time (3 second) compare SURA or KUNOICHI (6 second), and she take damage in stealth but sura or kunoichi not take damage at 0.5 second of first stealth mode.
Please do some balance rework for her skills.
Thank you
2022-11-11 11:43