#Gladiator Rework When??
# 1
Giving gladiator more damage buffs doesn't fix the problem with what's wrong with the class. It just needs a total rework. Drop the shield button! Other classes don't have it and their shields work just fine. Do away with Shield Charge, Charging Thrust, Take Down and give us the valkerie's Shield Charge that knocks down all in path and doesn't stop until it is finished. Because with the way mass combat is now as soon as you get into the thick of it. You're dead or stunned before you can swing the sword. Shield charge's range blows, charging thrust stun super unreliable, and using Take down in mass combat leaves you as a sitting duck. Also attacks are super slow and if you're farming in PVE damage buffs do nothing because 1 shotting is still 1 shotting.
2021-05-18 14:31