Destroyer Buff
# 1

Can we talk about destroyer please? I am not a main of it but I am thinking it is such a waste for this class to go unused. It has very low damage compare to others and slow mobility comparing to average classes. Titan is the ascension, it may have the same mobility but it has higher damage and good in both mass pvp and arena thanks to it's AOE skills which include many immunity for arena, while destroyer only has many immunity in mass pvp and they are also vulnerable! In arena, destroyer needs to use his skills and dashes slowly to get perfect immunity, having both low damage rate and amount, it is pretty unfair. so I hope PA gives buffs like higher damage, more immunity for arena, or maybe faster hit rate. 

2021-03-13 08:06
# 2
Destroyer when introduced looked initial was titan but as soon as destro came out he became my main. His effects/animations are good or lemme see those are the only good things about him. Mobility, damage everything is pathetic. In PvP he becomes useless against class who are highly mobile and versatile like hash, AM, raven. In mass PvP, destro is a total jerk, nothing good about him. Its been so long now, please for gods sake give him a buff or make him more mobile, increase damage. Do something. Introducing new classes doesn't mean u kill the previous ones.
2021-04-17 08:20