Berserker Rage Bar #when
# 1
I am so so so disappointed with this Jan. 19th patch note.. Almost every other class got a closer look at.. But berserker apparently did not.. Our RAGE BAR is long over due P.A.

Just a suggestion to you P.A. just let the berserker community know why we do not have our RAGE BAR and/or when we will get it or even if it will be taken away.. I believe it will give a sense of understanding and peace.. It is becoming frustrating P.A. to see this patch note with so much class change and not a word about our RAGE BAR is disrepectful, annoying, ignorant, foolish and down right reprehensible.. I speak on behalf of all TRUE berserkers.. P.A. plz respond.. Where is our RAGE BAR??
2021-01-19 17:57
# 2
All hail, Team Zerker!
2021-01-19 18:28