Archmage nerfed?!
# 1

less than 2 weeks, I spent AU$79.99 for class change to ArchMage but will end up being nerfed again. It is not fair. Talking about fair game, why dont you nerf berserker, striker, paladin, huntress, or all classess TOO?

Please give my money back, I am not satisfied once you nerf ArchMage AGAIN.
2020-10-31 06:45
# 2
You're about 2 months late to the party unfortunately. Archmage will still be strong after the nerf, it just wont be a cheese to play anymore
2020-10-31 15:32
# 3
Nerf Gladiators!!!! Lol joking lol. Yeah archmage is too strong especially with hacks and mods. The only class that hacks and mods dont work for is gladiator. Also gladiator is one of the hardest classes to play and it is also the least favored. If you want over powered play hashashin its easy. The attacks and animations do everything for you. Their attacks make them 90% proof against grabs and stuns.
2020-10-31 23:42
# 4
They not only need to nerf AM also Berserker too because their skills give them more advantage then other classes specially the poor huntress. If u feel unfair come look in most players main class is either berserker or AM what that mean ? Why they don't chop other classes? You know why and many know the answers PA don't know how to balance skills. Now my guild got more berserker and AM so should I too change to one of them? The game will be boring. Recently I find myself in ramo matches with 4or 3 AM or Berserker what that means? Most of players switched to this two classes to easy win over other classes me too I tried AM and I almost conquered normal arena since it's base skills and balanced. So when I want to lvl up my arena lvl I choose to play with my low for AM and I beat high cp players +11k with ease using four skills and dodging. If u don't believe u with all these facts check up top guilds in ur server and see what most of their members main class.

Many quit the game because of that noob or newbies will choose one of these classes and they almost beat u repeating the same method every fking time.
2020-11-01 19:59
# 5
Well, Pearl Abyss should have given a notice in advance regarding nerfed class. Otherwise it’s like a trap for anyone who desires the class and purchase it.
Fair game? Why dont Pearl Abyss rework all the class instead?
2020-11-02 01:01
# 6
PA is reworking all of tbe classes but they're doing it super ow on purpose to milk as many players as possible to uuy class change coupons. I was a giant main, switched to archmage because i was sick of being steamrolled by them, and will switch back to giant once they get their turn at being flavour of the month
2020-11-02 05:29
# 7
Archmage will soon be more in line with other classes altho once one other class arrives it's PvP cheese wins are over with. Arena is sadly not player skill based at all, rather what class got more broken skills e.g Archmage and Beserker.
2020-11-10 02:35
# 8
If you're so upset about the Archmage being nerfed, then either play as another class Or Quit!
2020-12-01 10:49
# 9
Yes better to change class instead. Archmage has no counter attack and easy to counter the skills but yet everytime there was an update Archmage is always part of nerf. Before they remove the froze effect then they reduce the skill power again they reduce the skill power then
they are not done than they increase the time of skill whats next? much better remove the class or return the old skill.
2020-12-16 09:19
# 10
No pls do no5 nerf arh mage again... i also will stop playing this game for sure.... rather u nerf arcmage why not u buff other characters skill... why lance already death so what? No one pull up issue on this lancer ? I am lancer and arch mage game play since u was starting play this game... i never play huntresress event i know hunteress op as fuck...
2020-12-17 03:09