Berserker Dodge and Rage NEEDS fixing !!!
# 1
Come On P.A. its high time berserker gets our rage bar.. WHAT IS GOING ON????

Also.. our dodge, our dodge, our dodge... it is ridiculus.. it is way to short.. i would suggest we get another dodge bar or lengthen our dodge range.. Have you seen a berserker dodge.. lol it literally goes no where.. P.A. plz mi a beg unuh.. (P.A. I am asking) plz berserker needs revisting.. Thanks!!

2020-10-26 22:59
# 2
Bro I've been saying revisit Gladiators this whole time. Berserkers push their rage button and I go from 100% down to zero.
2020-10-31 20:03
# 3

Bro, I'm a Berserker main but I don't have any issue with our dodge. There's a lot of ways to dodge enemy skills other than just using our dodge.

We already have our 11th skill which allows us to go travel around the universe and the havoc thrust also have a pretty good range.

Both of these skills have Super Armors and you can use them to engage or disengage, dude we already have a 4 bar dodge and you want more? LOL.

Are you serious bro?

I don't think the Berserker dodge needs fixing, it's you bro.



2020-11-09 23:33
# 4
We've been asking for rage for a long time. Every velia inn has spam comments saying to add it in. It's bonkers we still don't have it.

2020-11-12 17:54