Rebalance all classes for PvP
# 1
Hello. I got beaten 3 times in arena by a 34lvl Hashashin and am level 51. I could not use any of my skills at all, couldn't roll out of it, just constant daze<br/> and crazy reach of Hashashin, what the heck... How is it possible that 1 class is so overpowered, game did not came out yesterday for God sake, you have to reduce the daze, come on, this is rediculous. Good thing my guild officer told me to wait and not spend money yet, I would have reverted it now as am just thinking to wait a bit and see if you will rebalance the broken character, Hashashin or if you don't, guess I'll be changing the game. Cheers.<br/>
2020-10-22 05:13
# 2
Thats bcoz hassashin comes ascended in lvl 1 while other classes have to lvl 60 to ascend. Its not a bug devs were lazy to make non ascended skills of hassashin. Dont worry you will have same power when you reach lvl 60.
2020-10-22 08:21
# 3
Hello there, it is not about winning or losing, I have given wins to much lower level playes so it's not about that. It's about having a stun-lock on the other player which is a huge advantage in PvP, since the other player can't do anything about it but just sit there, stun-locked with out the ability to even dodge roll and just take damage. It should be removed from PvP, it has no place there if the devs want to make it competitive and not just players abusing one class ability to stun-lock other players. Cheers
2020-10-22 09:07
# 4
You didn't seem to listen to the first reply. Hashashin comes with ascended skills from level 1, and is the only class like that currently. Whatever you play, has weak baby skills until level 60. This means that you probably have the slow fat roll dodge still, and barely any of your skills offer protection from cc like daze and stun. Get to lvl 60, ascend or awaken your class, read your skill descriptions and figure it out. Super armor, frontal guard and invincibility skills will protect you from being stun locked. every class has these types of skills also with good damage bonuses AFTER level 60
2020-10-22 23:06
# 5

I don't know how could you possible got to the conclusion that I did not pay atention to what the person before you had written and also to add you do not know of the conversation I had with my guild buds as well. Yes, I'm fully aware that the Hashashin is Ascended class it's stated in the Charactor Creation screen if you missed it. As I sead before, point of the tread was that stun-lock skills do not belong in PvP. PvP being as is, is in dire need of balance and something devs should look into, instead of making new pack's to spend money on. I will gladly support the game but not at the state that it is. 


2020-10-23 06:11
# 6
I totally agree hashashin is over powered in 1v1. Requires very little skill to play because your attacks do everything for you. They basically dodge Gladiator's Take Down ability because they are jumping around during the animation. And for the most part they are immune to shield charge stuns too. Hashashin: Let me push buttons. Oh my buttons are on cool down. Let me dodge away. Press buttons again. There is very little interaction vs the Gladiator match up with them because our attacks never connect. And im talking about 70 and up. Also another match up that is unbalanced is void knight. All they need to do is dark cloud for up to you. Do their surprise attack and roll back (evade) . If you got knocked down then they attack more. If you didn't they dark cloud form away from you. Then try the same thing again until one lands that knocks you down. There is no interaction with that class please consider putting a cool down on the ability.
2020-10-31 15:39
# 7
Stunned and dazed opponents don't fight back, if you take that away, then yes skill based winning in arena more or less, the other thing to consider would be damage output of the class and/or how the character is geared up. Some classes that are performing good now would be bad if that gets removed, but most of all arena would be easier to balance that way. Besides it's not just Hashashin, arena is a mess, unchecked and unbalanced, almost like Dev Team did not even care about it enough. For e.g the wolf like companion Tamer has, blocks and prevents from Tamer taking damage, if you press lock on, it tends to lock on the wolf like companion not the character and that is really messed up. Arena is in dire need of attention.
2020-11-03 08:41
# 8
Good job BDM no need to nerf always the Archmage. Just tell us to change class or quit. You are doing rebalance the class but unfortunately since you change the skills of Archmage every time there was an update your are doing nerf. Now your increase the time of skills what a bright idea. #RIP Archmage
2020-12-16 08:53