Probably a dumb question
# 1
So I just started playing BDM a few days ago. I'm playing as a hashashin. My wife has played for a while now with dark knight. She's able to level her skills fairly easily. I'm list on leveling up the hashashin skills though. I'm level 58 so I figure I should have figured this out by now but I haven't. For example, whirlwind slice is the first skill. It's still level 1. Enhancement info - increase AP says it needs whirlwind slice level 3. I can't figure out how to level it at all. I know it's probably a dumb newb question, but can anybody help me out here?
2020-09-07 12:56
# 2
characters at lvl.60 can perform "ascension" where they get fewer skills (but stronger) that are slower to upgrade.
hashashin comes already ascended just outta the box at lvl.1: probably your wife has not already ascended her knight, that would explain why her skills are faster to upgrade.
(edit) of course she hasn't: it would have been a 'void knight' then, :)
...mine il lvl.71 and only 3 skills have reached lvl.2: books are rare and one needs a lot of them
2020-09-12 13:32