# 1

Buff this shit archmage.

A nuke char do less damage than a Tank!

Area damage equal other classes!

Low range Skills!

Increase max range skill for auto farm he use dash to come near mobs to use meteor! im mage not tank! sry my english.

2020-03-19 12:19
# 2

first game i see a mage whit so low dmg 

2020-03-19 12:28
# 3
Its true, but i think developer will not buff archmage. They think that is ok. Now archmage is very mobility melee magic fighter with low damage. The strategy to win is casting 1-2 spell and immediately blink from enemy. And mayby it's ok, if other classes dont have a lot of evasion, block, dashes and super armor. In real pvp archmage got all of his skill in block or missed, and deal no damage. He is Lways on the ground Its completely useless in pvp. On node war i used only 4 skills without auto mod, because other skills have small attack rangeand useless.
2020-03-19 16:13
# 4
No. There is no strategy to win with ArchMage, you literally can’t escape now even with blink. Paladin, huntress, titan target you with pin point accuracy even if you escape they grab you from half a mile and you can’t do anything about that.
2020-03-19 23:34
# 5

Mage in this game is a shame.

2020-03-20 04:55
# 6
Just wait with patiently for arch magician (awakening) hope the dev make it more good then archmage, or just switch char.
2020-03-24 02:58
# 7

People :
- "Nerf Hunters and Valkys, and buff Archmage and Titans.

Pearl Abyss :
- "We just add Dark Knight, nerf a little bit Hunter and overbuff Raven."


2020-03-24 05:02
# 8

I went out of my way to create a forum account jus to post on this.

Buff the damn Archmage.

I'm 5280 CP and losing to 4300+ in arena consistently. No I don't suck.

I was consistently top kills and more in every node war before we got nerfed so hard with the new skills. I've spent a consisderbale amount of moeny in the game only to get to a point where I'm the worst player in theg uild and can't do anything to help win.


I agree with everything said on this thread and more. We can't fight... like.. we can't fight at all.. Literally, my strategy next node war is to get the other poor archmage who unfortunely got caught in this trap and suicide in and try to damage as many people as possible before death. We can't "fight" there is no such thing anymore.


You took away the most fun skill about the class too. Our Meteor. You gave every other class a better and longer range skill and you took away the aim ours and limited it's range. It used to be cool. To lock on to targets. Get to a safe distance and meteor them. That's why I played Witch. Shit, I bet my witch could get mroe kills with suckier % damage skills than this stupid archmage. We suck at everything and everything we're suppossed to be good at has another class better than us at it.


Everyone is re-rolling once you get endgame. Which is a damn disgrace. I'm an optimistic person by nature and have kept telling everyone in guild who laughs at me how a mega archmage buff is "right around the corner" and "any week now." Then you spit at us with this Raven super buff.


Try playing one yourself, devs. You can't compete. We can't sin solo pvp and we cant' contribute node war. I (no joke) have started doing auto quest on DK to get more stamina potions so I can gather more logs so I can feel like I can contribute ot the node war by upgrading our stuff. Because I sure as hell won't be able to do anything during the fight. The only reason you don't have hundreds more coming to these forums and complaining is because everyone is re-rolling new characters because we've lost hope. I'm going to speak for the hundreds of people who aren't. If we don't get something close to 2x damage or the old mechanics of the meteor strike back - you will lose me and others as players of this game. We got owned by this recent flurry of changes and nobody is doing anything about it.


I'm the guy who sits in your live streams and private messages people who are saying to quit the game and convince them to stop because they don't represent the thousands of players who love your game. Like I do. I'm all about pro-BDM and talk about the game to people. This is simply a flagrant problem and reading those buffs you gave ravens... I had to speak up.

2020-03-25 09:00
# 9

I notice this forum useless BDM staff dont read this forum i think..

Need post in Official Reddit and Discord BDM.

2020-03-26 09:51
# 10

Archmage is balance class i think, archmage maybe not do well in 1v1 but other circumstances they are good.

2020-04-05 19:06
# 11

true...u try to pvp with a player with 300cp lower than and make more damage than you, and we lost the advantage of healing because they add to everyclass in game... remove superarmor in meteorite and short the range of attack... #BuffArchmage

2020-04-09 05:57