Save & Not Wasting Black Pearls (F2P Competitive Players)
# 1
Try not using your stamina on unnecessary uses. Only use it on Amities to get the Black Pearl Rewards on each NPCs in the game. ( Try Prioritizing This on how to use Stamina; Amity - Gather - Insta Finish at Camp ) As you progress in the game and accumulated enough Black Pearls you might be lucky enough go get a mythical grade Accessory in the accessory shop and you can get profit of it buy selling it ( your choice ) or use it. But if you do sell it. By doing so will boost your CP. Why?

Mythical Grade Accessories Cost around 9K Black Pearls by selling it you might only get around 7K more or less but it's more than enough to buy yellow or purple accessories with enhancements. You can buy a set of purple +7 or 8 with it by saving those Black Pearls.

Hope this is useful for beginners specially because I made lots of mistakes at using mine.

Thank you for reading
2020-02-02 11:12
# 2
how many black pearls can you get by doing amity?
i checked all amity npc but it seems like its only up to 600 - 700 bp..
u cant afford a orange acc on the store with that few black pearls...
2020-02-03 09:46