[Black Desert Mobile Guide] Things I wish I knew when I started playing BDOM.
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Things I wish someone told me when I first started:


1. Your first focus with your character is to reach lvl 60 (you get +10% bonus to item drop when you have 60 lvl) and finish the main story.

2. If you get stuck in some point, don`t create alt character yet - better leave your character farming in best spot for your CP (you will get lots of stones and bs food to increase your CP)

3. Best way of farming is leaving character with pots and empty inventory in sleep mode and checking every 1-2h (BS mode only gives like 50% of what you get in sleep mode, but is still good on maintanance time and for overnight farming)

4. You can start enchanting weapon and armor from the start as you transfer you enchant to new gear

5. Do all the dailies with Pearls and at least 9 dailies overall - this gives you 25 black pears a day (750 pearls a month). This means you get 3 new pets every 2 months for free

5. Always do all black spirit quests - you get lots of Ruins and Boss Rush tickets

6. If new lvl of boss rush is too hard, just repeat last stage you can finish! This gives lots of silver and Shakatu coins and exp. Don`t worry if you will lose boss rush - no tickets will be taken from you if you didn`t win boss rush :)

7. Don`t do camp nodes until reaching max lvl of at least Town Hall (best alchemy, refinery, ranch too). First camp -> then nodes

8. Contribution exp is very precious! Do all the quests you can in camp (give 500 logs/stones/grass, kill 500 mobs etc) as soon as possible. More contribution = more workers! 

9. You can also get lots of contribution for creating alt (new character in family - around 50.000 contribution just for making 4 first chapters of main story)

10. Don`t sell weird items from quests, like: forks, kites, wrapping, bookmarks, plates, horse statues etc - you will need them later to get high amity with some NPC, to get great rewards like 10-50 black pearls!

11. If you go Black Spirit mode with Outlaw mode (+5% to drop, +5% to exp) you can`t die; but you can die with Outlaw in Sleep mode.

12. Best premiums are Camp Plus -> Combat Plus -> BS Plus

13. Buy buff soups every day! It gives you extra 5% drop rate. Shop - > miscs -> general goods -> Chicken Soup chests (max 3 per day, 1 pearl each)

14. Be in the guild as soon as you can! Do guild quests every day

15. Use Shakatu shop with at least 1000 coins - from my experience 800-1200 coins are needed for 1 gold or better gear

16. Best Gold armors are Grunils, as they give + stats and all have 2 crystal slots (more crystals = more CP). Best use Attack and Defense crystals to increase CP

17. When you are in town always buy crystals, books and amity presents!

18. Use all your Stamina every day in the morning and in the evening, so it not gets wasted (Balenos -> Velia farm is good for every gathering)

19. You can go fishing in your camp - just walk close to the water on the bottom of camp

20. Monument of Vitality is probably best choice to build in camp (this one gives you extra 50 Stamina every day)

21. Goblin`s blessing buff is in my opinion best option to put your relics in Relic Altar

22. To activate Blood Kin buffs you must click "Affirm Pact" button - note that ou kins need to be online in the same time to do this. Repeat every day.

23. RARE knowledge - you actually can do auto-fishing. Simply start fishing and leave character idle - it will pull the fish after 2 minutes and start fishing again. You can do it all night long and gain lots of exp


And video version: 



Ok this is all I could think about now :) I will put more if I get new ideas :)

Hope this will help someone :)

2020-01-21 05:19
# 2

Very nice info for starters :3 thanks!

2020-01-21 17:04
# 3

Thx, I will make my best to cover all these points in video with my live comment, to clarify it event more :)

2020-01-23 00:22
# 4

So as I promised, here is the YT video :

2020-01-30 01:31