[Black Desert Mobile Guide] How to obtain "Rush Mission" titles
# 1

A guide for fellow title farmers on how to obtain these titles :)

If you click on any title, it tells you a little information on how to obtain the title.

Most are pretty straightforward like "Defeat Goblins" or "Construct a Tier 6 Town Hall". However, some are a little vague.

These "Rush Mission" titles are the titles that nobody seems to know how to get.
They appear under the combat tab of your title menu and they simply state "Steel Imp Rush Mission" for example.
To obtain these titles, you have to kill a certain number of that particular mob *while* having an active quest requiring you to kill that particular mob.
Example : To obtain the "Steel Human" title, you would have to kill Steel Imps while having either of these quests active (Main/Side/Daily/Repeatable)
These titles have a few tiers, for example the titles "Steel Imp Researcher" "Steel Crusher" and "Steel Human" all state "Steel Imp Rush Mission" if you click on them.
The difference between them is the number of Steel Imps killed.
Exact numbers are unknown but it requires a few hours worth of killing the particular mob to obtain the very last tier of each "Rush Mission" category of mob type.
Both AFK Sleep Mode and BSM will work.
Note that some of these Rush Mission titles require you to have a Main/Side quest active for that mob as there are no daily/repeatable quests for that mob type.

Example: Parasitic Bees, Imps, Waragons
Therefore you would have to create an alt and progress through the main story until you reach the quest for that mob, farm the mob and do not hand in the quest until you obtain the title you were looking for.
SPECIAL NOTE that there are 5 titles that all state "Parasitic Bee Rush Mission"

"Scared of Bees" and "Buzz Buzz" are obtained through killing the Parasitic Bees in Velia Farmlands (while having main quest active)
While "Sting Immunity" "Bee Deleter" and "One Among The Bees" are obtained through killing the Parasitic Bees in Alejandro Farm.

All information here is based on what I have found after weeks of testing, trying to obtain these titles.

That's all I have for you, have fun obtaining these titles for that little bit of increase in Knowledge Gain Rate, Inventory, Max HP and Field Silver Drop Rate~ :P
Feel free to ask any questions!

2020-01-17 08:52
# 2

Did not know they had to be tied to a quest. Thank you!

2020-01-21 04:30
# 3
Can you still get a title even though mobs become grey and dont give any experience?
2020-01-25 09:54
# 4

I got scared of bees from parasitic bees in velia at lv60

i got buzz buzz from alejandro farm at lv60


Tag: Parasitic Bee Rush Mission

2020-01-28 06:12
# 5

How to get 'One with the Forest' title bro? I Farming Treants for 4hours still can't get it

2020-02-24 03:27
# 6

could we still got them even if i have finish the main quest in Velia Farmlands ?

2020-04-05 14:59
# 7

Sir i don't know how to show my grattitude lol. now i will start my main quest and finish those one among the bees. thank u sir i will try for now :-) thank u so muchhhhh.

from hexe f2p player 

2020-05-12 16:16
# 8

i haven't get one with forest either. any one get it already? 

2020-05-15 00:02
# 9

That is totally untrue. You need to kill a lot of mobs. No mission/quest required. You need to kill mobs in different area (sometimes). Example:
Parasitic Bee Enthusiast, Bee Dominator, Ultimate Beestroyer

Kill Parasitic Bees at Velia Farmlands, Balenos

Scared of Bees, Buzz Buzz, Sting Immunity, Bee Deleter, One Among the Bees  

Kill Parasitic Barrel Bees at Alejandro Farm, Serednia




2021-12-05 09:28