Succession Skill
# 1
Server: Calpheon

- I am a returning player a week before the Succession Skill maintenance, as an old GM user, I find the succession skill a huge help particualary the Skill "Eagle Drop". It makes my GM fights unpredictable and flexible.

- I would not recommend using the skill in 1v1 arena as the GM skills right now is a combo masterpiece, however, in the field activities where Super Armor and forward guards are activated, it would definitely make my playstyle different and more fexible. I cannot test it yet since i have to raise my CP again, as a returning player, GVG and Black Sun are the activities i will be looking forward for this succession skill

To futher explain my point...
- The Eagle Drop has same effect with shoulder thrust, tho it lacks firepower without the branches, it would be a huge help to extend the GM's invulnerability in Mass PVP. It could negate so much damage by simply including it to your combo, i would suggest using it to negate most of the incoming damage since it has a long casting time and will give you Forward Guard and Back Super armor. I would replace grab skill for the Eagle Eye in mass pvp as it will definitely extend your suvivality and will create more opportunity to kill more players rather than grabbing one and killing one. I cant wait to test it out in a mass pvp setting. Unfortunately I have to grind first to be relevant in this said activities again, but i know for a fact that the build up of excitement in building my character will be worth it. It is indeed a prefect timing returning to BDM after a long busy adult life :)
2024-02-12 15:55