Succession Skills
# 1

Server: Asia

Family Name: Chromaines


Succession skills can not be used as the main stab in the arena, since they lack super armor or forward guard. So in the arena, you can use it as a part of a combination attack or a surprise attack. But in the field it is a different story. You can start your combo using your chosen succession skills. I have experimented on four classes currently, Lancer, Igneous, Berserker, and Raven. I will update you guys with the rest later on.



OK guys, since my main is Lancer, so I will start my review on succession skills from her. There are two skills, the shield throw and sword of judgement. The shield throw is a long range attack with multiple hits, but without any effect. No knockback, knockdown, super armor, forward, etc. So it is actually useless since Lancer has better long range attacks, therefore I chose the sword of judgment. In the arena, this skill become the combo closure before disenggaging. So this is how it works.



In the field, you can have full super armor/forward guard and increase your kill per minute. As you guys notice, Lancer has low KPM, thus making her difficult to progress. Here is how you set up the auto burst mode.



The autoburst mode can be use for field pvp or pve and boss fight with autoplay. As you can see in the demonstration below, it can even took down Black Shrine bossses. In this example is the Golden Pig King with Difficulty level 5 and Gumiho with Difficulty Level 5.





Igneous has 2 succession skills, voltaic pulse and earth's calling. Earth's calling is a stab attack for Wizard, but since it lacks the protection required (no forward guards and super armor in the arena) I chose voltaic pulse instead. Igneous can use voltaic pulse in a combination move, to retreat, or for a surprise attack since it has daze on hit. This is how you set it up in the arena.


in the field the voltaic pulse is very powerful as it has large area of effect and good damage. So it is good for field pvp, pve, and boss fights. This is how you set it up.


I will update the rest later on guys.

2024-02-10 23:26
# 2


Berserker has two sucession skill, Spinning Slash and Piercing Spear. The spinning slash is a short slash with huge damage, while piercing spear is a long range attack. Both have knockdown effect. I opt for piercing slash, due to this can be use as a stab attack from longer range. Now the berserker will have fast medium range stab with havoc thrust, slow but strong medium range with berserker charge, and fast and long range attack with piercing spear. Since it is ranged, using the skill is much safer and doesn't require protection. This also make the berserker can create an endless stream of attacks. The way you do it is to use piercing spear as the long range attack, followed by the other stab attack, like this:


In the field, you can auto using this setup:


2024-02-17 05:36
# 3



Raven's gameplay is always focusing on her mobility. With the succession skill, you have another option now, you can go for melee attacks. Raven has two succession skill, death circus and soul spike. Soul spike is a medium range stab attack with super armor in the field. Death circus is a melee AOE attack with multiple hits. I chose death circus in order to make her more melee oriented. Now raven can have two combos variation in one skillset. This is how you set it up.


In the field, this is the autoburst mode for Raven to Increase the kill per minute and auto attack.

2024-02-17 16:17
# 4

5. Warlord


Warlord has high priority forward guard and super armor in the arena. While most classes only have 2 protected skills with super armor and forward guard in the arena, Warlord has 3, and the skills also have long frames. Therefore this class is quite OP.  His succession skills are also good but you do not need to have it as his original skills are already good.  In this video I will show you how to set up the skillbuild with two alternatives, with and without succession skills.



2024-05-12 18:06